Tag python

Automating BorgBackup

I wanted to use a proper backup solution to replace my rsync script

Python in an Interactive Docker Container

I usually run my various projects in python in separate virtualenvs

Python - Install from Source - Local

This tutorial is about installing the latest versions of python from the source into the users

Install Python and Sqlite from Source

I was writing some Python to pull text from pdf files and put them into a [sqlite database]

Python Script to Parse PFSense DHCP Log

I have a captive portal setup on my PFSense which allows my laptops and various other devices to connect

Python Reading Material

A while back I finished a pretty good book on python Python Scripting for Computational Science by Hans Petter Langtangen

Copy Pictures from a Digital Camera and Automatically Rename to Date and Time Taken

Most digital cameras use some sort of naming scheme that leaves a lot to be desired. The names usually consist of something

Convert MTS (AVCHD) Files to xvid

I have a Panasonic Lumix camera that generates MTS (AVCHD) movie files

Convert MTS (AVCHD) Files to mkv

Here is a simple shell script that will use ffmpeg to convert mts files

Convert MP3s to iPod Audio Book format (M4B)

I had the need to convert a group of mp3 files into a format